Mission Statement

We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to lead healthier, freer lives. We are committed to inspiring healthy living through innovative products and socially responsible business practices. We believe there are superior alternatives to treating everyday ailments and that consumers shouldn’t have to compromise. We work tirelessly to integrate cutting-edge technology and high-quality ingredients into products that enable people to live their best lives.  

Company History

A note from our team:

We are parents, sons and daughters, athletes and veterans, like you. We know how it feels to have pain slow you down when all your child wants is to go outside and play. We know how it feels to see your mom or dad battle the aches and pains that father time brings. We know how it feels to have pain get in the way of a long-planned backpacking trip with friends. As a veteran-owned business, we know that there are many service members that have similar wear-and-tear.

Many of us suffer from debilitating pain that distracts and takes us away from the activities and people we love most. In the US alone, there are an estimated 100 million people that suffer from chronic pain.1 We believe in the many potential healthcare applications of CBD and know there’s a need for approachable and reliable products that you can trust. We started G&G Laboratories with the vision to develop products that will allow people to get back to living, pain free.

-Mike, Eugene, Leila

1. Global Industry Analysts, Inc. Report, January 10, 2011. http://www.prweb.com/pdfdownload/8052240.pdf.

Giving Back

Access for All

We believe that our products can help everyday people live freer, fuller lives. We can and should provide access to our products to those that are in need. That is why we are partnering with select organizations that share our mission. If you represent an organization that fits this mold, please reach out and let’s continue the conversation.

Opportunity for All

Our commitment to help people live free, fuller lives extends beyond our products. That is why we are dedicated to hiring and developing team members from all backgrounds, particularly those that have been marginalized. If you are part of an organization that serves these populations, please contact us and let’s continue the conversation.

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