Delivered directly to your area of pain, Relevium provides maximum relief through 100% hemp-derived cannabinoids. Unlike other patches and topicals, our technology travels directly through the intercellular route in the skin to deliver fast relief. In product trials, Relevium out-performed respondent’ current pain relief products, with a majority of people feeling relief within 15 minutes.1

Using cutting edge research, carefully selected and tested ingredients, and a highly trained staff committed to creating safe, high-quality products, we created Relevium to help people like you to enjoy your favorite things again. 

Get back to living pain-free

Whether you experience discomfort from sports, age, or daily living, we have a Relevium product that will get you back to feeling your best—naturally.


Hemp-based CBD pain relief for people on the move. From gardening days to training days, Relevium provides effective pain relief when and where you need it.

This cutting-edge formula is carefully designed to help reduce discomfort triggered by physical activity. Use before, during, and after workout—or anytime you’re physically exerting yourself.


Hemp-based CBD pain relief for everyday aches and ailments. For those experiencing daily, chronic pain, Relevium is your new everyday essential.

Great for people of all ages, this innovative formula helps reduce discomfort caused by the pains and stresses of everyday life. Use throughout the day to help with your aches and pains.

Need extra pain relief?

Try Extra Strength to help with your most severe ache and pains. Packing a higher dose of active ingredients, it’s specially formulated to alleviate the sorest muscles, stiffest joints, and most severe pains.